Smart rice transplanter comes out


Recently, an agricultural robot named "Smart Rice Transplanter" officially appeared on the market. This rice transplanter can autonomously complete rice transplanting, fertilizing, watering and other tasks, thereby reducing the labor burden of farmers.

It is understood that the "smart rice transplanter" uses advanced artificial intelligence technology and machine vision technology, and can autonomously sense field terrain, identify crop positions, automatically adjust travel routes, and intelligently control rice transplanting depth and other functions. Using this robot can not only improve crop planting efficiency, but also ensure planting quality and reduce crop loss.

In addition, the robot can also link with the agricultural data center to obtain important information such as weather conditions, pests and diseases in a timely manner, and provide farmers with more accurate agricultural production guidance.

"Smart rice transplanters" not only save time and labor for farmers, but also reduce labor waste and environmental pollution, which are of great significance to achieving sustainable agricultural development. It is expected that in the future, this type of agricultural robots will become one of the main trends in the development of modern agriculture.

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